Products & Services

Our core products

ARnav Lite – Android app that extremely simplifies navigation and getting directions to nearby Points of Interest. POIs are taken from OpenStreetMap database that include 50+ categories like ATMs, hotels, restaurants and many more!
You can also display turn-by-turn navigation route presented as virtual arrows put on top of the camera view.

ARnav Lite is free, however internet connection is mandatory to work.

ARnav Pro – Android app that has all features of ARnav Lite and additionally:
  • save/load custom waypoints to/from a file
  • save/load sets of POIs from limited area (located anywhere in the world) to/from a file
  • offline mode

ARnav Pro is premium app for just 2 EUR, give it a try!

ARnav Geocaching – Android app designed for ‘geocaching’ outdoor game where directions are displayed in AR mode.
The app allows to load geocache locations from file placed on mobile device. Moreover, you can record and display whole GPX tracks!


How our apps work?

Look at the screencasts below:

  1. ARnav Lite showing POI localization mode (here: mountain peak)

  2. ARnav Pro showing navigation route mode

  3. ARnav Geocaching showing GPX track mode

What’s next?

We are currently working on extending our apps with new features and services:
-loading offline map packages
-displaying geolocalized pictures and 3D models
-providing access to API

and more, so stay tuned for news from ARnav!